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Q1 Who can invest in ASNB Funds?

ASNB Funds can be invested by all Malaysian. However, only Malaysian Bumiputeras and others minority group as specify in the respective Deed of the Fund  are allowed to invest in the following funds:-

  1. Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)
  2. Sekim Amanah Saham Nasional ( ASN )
  3. Skim Amanah Saham Didik ( ASD )
  4. Skim Amanah Saham Nasional 2 ( ASN 2)
  5. Skim Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020) – 51% Bumiputera and 49% Non Bumiputera

Based on Deed of the Funds and as stated in Federal Constitution, Bumiputera was referred to Malay, Native of Sabah & Sarawak and an Aborigine.

Q2 Who are the minority group?

Minority Group is a group of people that is allowed by Prime Minister of Malaysia to invest in all ASNB Unit Trust schemes, which is:

  1. Siamese
  2. Portuguese
  3. Convert / Malaysian Muslim(Non-Bumi)

Note : However they are still non-bumiputera hence, for ASW 2020, they are classified under non-bumiputera quota.

Q3 I’m Malay but was born outside Malaysia. Can I invest in ASNB Funds?

You are eligibile to invest in ASNB fund and clasified as Bumiputera if you are a Malay and Malaysian citizen provided that information in the Print-out MyKad/MyKid shows you are a malay OR you shall produce your Identification Card and Birth Certification/W Form/Certificate of Citizenship.

Q4 Why my account has been tagged as Eligibility Unit Holder?

ASNB will temporarily tag new open accounts that are suspicious to check the unit holder eligibility status. ASNB want to make sure only eligible unit holder open account with ASNB. Unit holders need to produce Print-out MyKad/MyKid that shows the unit holder race OR a copy of I dentification Card and Birth Certification/W Form/Certificate of Citizenship to prove the information is correct.

If ASNB identify the person as ineligible the account will be closed and

For Bumiputera schemes, ASNB will identify based on following categories:-

  1. Siamese
  2. Portuguese
  3. Mix Native of Sabah
  4. Mix Native of Sarawak
  5. Born Outside Malaysia
    (i) New Identification Card with country birth code number 60 – 93
    (ii) Old Identification Card with starting number 8, 9, H6.., K8.. and K9...
  6. Muslim Convert  / Muslim Malaysian Citizen but Non-Bumiputera
  7. Name that are doubted
Q5 Can a person with Permanent Resident Identification Card (Red) invests in ASNB schemes?

No. ASNB schemes are open to Malaysian citizen only. Registered Guardian also need to be Malaysia Citizen and for Bumiputera schemes, Registered Guardian need to be Bumiputera or Minority group.

Q5 If I was identified as ineligible, what will happen to my investment?

If we identifiy you as ineligible, all the investment will be sent via cheque within 30 days from the date ASNB identify you as ineligible. Letter will be sent via post to inform that you are ineligible to invest.

Q5 How can I invest?

You may make an application directly to ASNB Head Quarters or any ASNB Offices. Please refer to ASNB Services for the supporting documents needed. The approval letter will be send to you as soon as your application has been approved and the letter can be used to open an account.

If the unit holder account has been closed, please submit the followings:

  1. Copy of I dentification Card and Birth Certification/W Form/Certificate of Citizenship.
  2. Copy of Eligibility Letter
  3. Registration form (ASNB P1) and postal money on the name ‘Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad’ amounted based on minimun unit for related schemes.

Note: The application also can be submitted via ASNB Agents where the agents need to submit to ASNB Head Quarters, Kuala Lumpur .  The agents are not allowed to open an account without getting approval from ASNB.