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Seminar Pelaburan 360 Hari is ASNB’s efforts to educate Malaysians on the various aspects of financial planning. This comprehensive effort is being held each day of the year, covering 140 districts nationwide.

The 360 figure represents a complete 360 degree rotation. The seminar uses this figure to reflect a lifelong education and ASNB’s efforts to change the perceptions and attitudes of Malaysians from lack of awareness on the importance of financial planning to individuals who are knowledgeable and aware of the importance of financial planning.

Through Seminar Pelaburan 360 Hari, ASNB provides financial planning services for individuals as early as 6 months of age until the retirement age.

SP360 Statistics

Total Seminars
Total Participants
Data: 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2019

Background of Seminar Pelaburan 360 Hari

Seminar Pelaburan 360 Hari is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) by PNB which is aimed to educate the general public about financial planning and investment in unit trust as one of the instruments for financial planning. The initiative began in 2003 and initially it was known as the “Seminar Perancangan Kewangan”. Starting in 2008, the seminar is being held every day; hence the name was consequently changed to Seminar Pelaburan 360 Hari.

The seminar participants were categorised according to the target groups ranging from secondary school students, public and private institutions students/teacher training institutes/colleges/training centres, non-working community, community leaders and local residents. Other categories are uniformed bodies, civil servants, private sector employees, association/non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and ASNB unit holders.

Seminar speakers consist of Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Registered Financial Planning (RFP) officers from ASNB. Meanwhile, the modules for each seminar are customised according to the target group.


  • To raise the awareness on the importance of financial planning among the people.
  • To create awareness and provide a comprehensive method to manage and draw up financial roadmap to help one achieve short, medium and long-term financial goals.
  • To provide continuous education to the public on the importance of financial planning for retirement and child’s education needs.
  • To make financial planning as a way of life and to help one maintain a comfortable lifestyle during retirement.
  • To help people achieve peace of mind and financial freedom as well as living prosperously.
  • To introduce ASNB unit trust as a competitive investment instrument as the basis for financial planning through SP360 seminar activities.


SP360 Concept 360
  • Provide financial planning education every day, including on major festivals.
  • Cover all areas in Malaysia.
  • Cover all races in Malaysia.
  • Cover all ages.
  • Cover all walks of life.
  • Cover all social backgrounds.
  • Provide financial planning education that is easily understood, practical and comprehensive.
  • To position ASNB-related products as competitive investment instruments for drawing up financial planning.




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