1. What is the difference between myASNB Portal and myASNB Apps?

MyASNB Portal and myASNB Apps are two facilities provided by ASNB to make online investment in all ASNB unit trust products more accesible to all its unit holders.

However, for those who wish to transact via Apps, they will need to first register at myASNB portal to create a Username ID and Password.

As for now, some of the services offered through the myASNB Portal are still not available via the myASNB Apps such as Auto Labur and Investment in Akaun Remaja by Guardian. However these two services will definitely be included in the near future.

2. Via myASNB Apps, unit holders can do the following:

  • Make an additional investments in any ASNB Unit Trust products free of charge*
  • Review latest transaction update

  • *Note : Service Charge for Variable Price Products still applicable
  • Get latest investment details
  • Opening of new ASNB unit trust account

3. What are the minimum and maximum amount of additional investments allowed via myASNB Apps?

Type of ASNB Unit Trust Product Minimum Investment Maximum Investment
Fixed Price RM100 RM30,000 for each transaction
Variable Price RM150

4. MyASNB Apps operating hours for additional investment

Type of ASNB Unit Trust Product Day Operation Hour
Fixed Price Monday – Sunday Fixed Price: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm
Variable Price: 7.00 am – 4.00 pm
Variable Price

Note : Monday to Sunday, local time

5. If you are already a myASNB portal user, please click the links below for direct access to download the myASNB Apps

Link to Apple Appstore https://apple.co/2UrwweJ
Link to Google Playstore http://bit.ly/myASNBapp

6. How to use myASNB mobile app?

You are required to register as a myASNB Portal user to enable you to log into the myASNB mobile app. If you have registered, kindly log into the myASNB app using your existing myASNB Portal username and password. If you have not registered, kindly register via www.myasnb.com.my

7. I want to use myASNB Apps, but I have yet to register at myASNB Portal, what should I do?

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